Notes from my Radio Log

01 Dec

Yesterday I walked the antenna through some QSO’s so that I might better understand how it is working. Calling CQ during the middle of a work day on CW is interesting. Not much going on, but I did find a few generous souls that took pity on my plaintive CQ’ing. W7ZT, Bill in Mesa AZ and Reg from Crystal River Fl.,W4MNF took some time to give me a report. Nice solid Q’s both. Thanks fellas! Later I had a late afternoon sked with Chuck, W1HIS from Boston and we had a chance to migrate from 20M (where all of the aforementioned Q’s took place) down to 30M and a chance to see if the antenna played nicely there as well. We finished up on 30M with just 100 watts and solid Q 5 signals until the band gave way just at our sked finish time after an hour of code practice. Im am listening to the low end of 20M just now (1530Z) on 1 Dec 09 and I can hear EU’s coming into Dallas quite easily. I copied Gert DJ4KW a bit earlier working a W8PBO and an Italian station that I didn’t make notes on unfortunately. My received noise is quite low today. The normal means of checking my noise is to open my received bandwidth to 9KHz and place the receiver in AM mode. Typical received noise on 20M is about S-5 to S-6 measuring in that manner. Todays noise is S-3. Quite a nice surprise.

Thanks for reading my Blog. Best, Chas W5PG

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