The Climate Debate

22 Nov

As the ramifications of the CRU hacked mail and data continue to roil around the Internet, I have had some time to read and reflect on implications. I have never hidden my skepticism on this subject. For:

  • If the science was settled
  • There would be but a single model-there are many models
  • If the science was settled
  • All the models would agree-they do not
  • If the science was settled
  • All the agreeing models would reflect the actual temperature record
  • They do not
  • Therefore: The Science is not settled

What really troubles me about all this scientific thuggery is not that it is composed of smelly science: (i.e.) the Dog ate my temperature records. Not the overall secrecy and hypocrisy of IPCC Climatologists by way of “tuning” peer review scientist panels to those of their liking. Not hypocrisy of elimination of skeptical scientists because they once took money from an oil or energy company while they themselves take money from green sources with impunity. No, it is the source of funding that bothers me the most.

Taking taxpayer monies issued by Governments to fund projects that enable programs to quell man made crisis that do not really exist in order to raise taxes in the name social good. Government largess begets bad science which in turn enables more Government largess which begets more bad science. It is a vicious circle of out of control bureaucracies and we have paid little attention so we are to blame.

This morning I found this little PDF. It is educational and well done. Enjoy!

The skeptics Handbook II

Become a skeptic yourself. Examine the data. If it isn’t available-ask questions. Lots of questions.

Thanks for reading my Blog. Best, Chas W5PG

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