Hadley CRU Hacked….

21 Nov

In a little noticed news release on November 19th 2009, some buzz was created by notice that Hadley Climate Research Unit servers were hacked and some many years of emails and data were placed in the public domain on an FTP server in Russia. After that it went viral. I downloaded the archive of 63 megabytes and unzipped it into 160 MB of an insiders look at how to steer data and control “The Message”. I leave it you, the kind reader, to download and evaluate the message for your self and for you to understand the gravity of what should amount to a severe financial setback for Global Warming err Climate Change proponents. Splicing data sets to achieve curves that graph desired results are pretty damning. That coupled with NASA’s diddling of  Temperature Reporting Stations in the USA from their historical pastoral locations to that of urban paved and asphalted parking lots shows a unimpeachable trend to hold us all hostage to the message of Civilization’s impending collapse. This release coupled with Dr. Lindzen’s latest 20 year satellite temperature study, just released, should blow up the whole contrived notion of Anthropogenic Global Warming.

When you think about this science heresy, it doesn’t bother me too much until I come to the realization that Governments all over the world have been funding these activities through grants of taxpayer dollars to, in essence, lobby themselves to increase my taxes. . . this is all about changing my buying patterns and usage patterns for energy consumption. Governments fund organizations to study how to increase Government revenue. This is true for the Green Movement, Community Organizers like ACORN, a group that canvases to register voters for Democrats and toss Republican voter registrations, and a myriad of other NGA’s that produce studies at the behest of Government to allow for social change and increase Government Revenue. No wonder taxes are rising faster than almost anything else in society.

Thanks for reading my blog. Best, Chas W5PG

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