The Art and Attraction of Morse

19 Oct
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Morse is an wonderful enabling technology. It enables QRP to at least some degree, weak signal work to a higher degree, small stations to compete more effectively and last but not least it allows for a little art to invade the world of science. In short, it has something for almost everyone. I will not argue each point in turn and certainly some will have different viewpoints about Morse, the language as implemented by Hams. However, all of that aside , the wannabe musician and the not-so-prone-to-practice scientist in me likes its’ simplicity and gut level ability to communicate on demand under almost any conditions that this mode offers.

In the great scheme of things, it seems a narrow item to be focusing on, yes? Well the subtle underlying factor in my enjoyment is that in its’ simplicity lies its’ charm. Let me explain.

I will use one example to illustrate. Lets take Global Warming-or its more recent incarnation- Climate Change. The complexity of this subject is beyond what almost anyone can fathom. Yet the electorate is asked daily to comment, vote, digest and pass judgment of this subject and many more just like it that seem to be sound-bite, yes/no decisions but are far from such. Daily life is complex. How do you make intelligent decisions about subjects as complex as Climate Change? On one hand we are told the science is settled. On the other -should you choose to do just a little reading, you will find out that it is not settled. In fact if you read enough you will find out just how many lies have been told vis-a-vis Climate Change.

I sit back on a Sunday evening and watch my married children go through the machinations of daily living oblivious to the changes that just one wrong decision on this subject will wreck on future generations and then contemplate the myriad such decisions on Health Care, Global Warming, Cap and Tax (err Trade) that they are confronted with today. And then  I have to wonder how any sort of time can be spent making good judgments on these issues. The children are busy doing what I did as a young person which was forget Viet Nam and Watergate and worry about raising my kids, car and house payments, jobs etc etc. The very short answer is they are getting taken for a ride that will only become apparent when they are grandparents and have time to reflect on past shortcomings.

The decisions in just a few of the above issues require a schooling level that is not available to the majority of today’s youth. It is not available to college graduates. The fact check, distillation and summary functions that were once provided to citizens is missing in action. In short, information has been hijacked by a modern equivalent religion called Environmentalism and a complicit press. Yes, America’s Fourth Estate is MIA. In actual fact so is Europes press. The BBC has become the secretary and gatekeeper for the Enviros every move.

What does this have to do with CW? Easy, escape. It wafts me off into a nether-land that requires concentration, a set of questions I can deal with like propagation and to at least a small degree it appeals to the lost musician in me in that it has a sort of syncopation and rhythm all its own.  After the “Music Stops” so to speak I can once again return to digesting the vast tides moving our once quiescent body politic.

Maybe Don McLean was really singing about the end of a QSO and not Buddy Holly’s death in American Pie.

Thanks for reading my blog. Best, Chas W5PG

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