Dream Catcher Flies Again!

17 Jun

After Mother Nature delt me a lump of coal for my Christmas Stocking by way of a Monster wind storm last week, I threw myself against the 98 Degree F. temperatures today and managed to refly my fish pole antenna. Well, sort of fly it. My latest incarnation of an RF Dream Catcher is caught in a web of foliage which is pushing it farther north/south than I like. With a little help from my son we managed to get it vertical and vertical and then vertical again. You see I remanufactured my mast a trifle too long and no amount of threading my fiberglass needles would allow complete tree avoindance. I tried at least three times and I became spent with the heat and humidity. So it is up but I know not for how long. The constant rubbing of wind driven tree limbs has to extract a toll on the fiberglass members. Perhaps when the elements give up next time I will have moved along in my antenna evolution. At least this time it is guyed and the bottom section (the section that bent in the wind storm) is double walled. Sigh. Such is an amateurs life with the elements. I hope it plays well. My one fish pole was shattered when I finally got it to the ground and I had to repair it by sleeving my fiberglass element with a section of aluminum. This will change things I am sure but hopefully not too much. Here then is a picture of my contraption in full flight.

Dream Catcher reborn.

Dream Catcher reborn.

Thanks for reading my Blog. Best, Chas W7MAP/5

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One response to “Dream Catcher Flies Again!

  1. ja1nut

    June 25, 2009 at 5:53 am

    Hi Chuck,

    Nice to hear you again after an interval. I didn’t know such a disaster had attacked you. The only good news was that all of you had been safe. Your signal was pretty good, even though it was really noisy on 40m last night. Your rebuilt antenna, a dream catcher antenna ?, seemed to do a decent job. I hope you won’t have such a trouble any longer. I guess a vertical has less wind burden than a dipole. Why won’t you try the former. Your pool must work a good ground so far as it is watered hi.

    Anyway, I would like to hear your voice on CW again soon. Thanks again for your call, my friend.



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