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07 Jun

Ive been away for a bit. It is summer and things have been crazy. Well, crazy and I have been lazy-lets be honest here. My son graduated form High School this past week and we had a lot of activities to attend surrounding that event. We threw a small “Do” for some close family and friends as well as organizing a surprise visit for my wife from an old work chum who has since moved away. All of that was fun and ate into my “Radio” time somewhat.

We still maintained our schedule each day but extras have been on our back burner. I mentioned last time that I was going to try to create a Noise Sink and I did do my experiment. However, no matter the quality of your equipment, there is no amount instrument quality that can overcome poor workmanship. Alas, I messed up my calibration and so the data I have collected was useless. I will do this again but I need to buy another roll of aluminum foil to complete the experiment. News sometime soon.

I spent almost a whole week without reading a single blog. I think I was a little burned out. Except for the daily one hour schedule I didnt engage in any radio activities. Since I have posted here today I must be working through my mental log jam. Today I again visited my favorite blogs and am glad to see that blog life went on while I was away. My best to Shin, Leo and Atsu (BTW I am happy that your K3 has come home again).

WRT to Morse practice. I am going through a period best described as “going in reverse”. This is quite frustrating. While Chuck and I continue to try to push the envelope speed-wise, I am having to move to a slower speed. Instead of improving I am increasing in my sending error rate. I am not having difficulty copying code at 33 or even 35 wpm, just forming perfect characters and spaces at those speeds. I seem to be more comfortable at a lower rate these past few weeks.  A month or more ago I was more perfect at a higher speed than 28-30 wpm. Perhaps this is normal and maybe CW proficiency takes longer than one hour per day for 2.5 years. I cannot carry a tune in a bucket and maybe that is affecting my abilities. 🙂

Thanks for reading my Blog. Best, Chsa W7MAP/5

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