Today is NEQP

02 May

Well today is a trial run for my station and I. Last year I spent a lot of time with the New England QSO Party and I only maintained a paper log book. Last year I didn’t sent in my score and so was disappointed to see I would have actually done quite well as a casual effort. So this year I have been fiddling with N1MM and a Digi Keyer interface to run a computer log. I have actually had my Digi Keyer for 3 years but my first experience with it was so abysmal that I placed it on a shelf and contemplated dropping an HRO Five on it. That was then ( with MMTTY/Writelog) and this is now (CW Only and N1MM) and so I will give it another go.  One fear I have with hooking up this rig was proper sequencing of my key lines to avoid frying my amps TR Relay. I cleared that hurdle by paralleling my key line from the N1MM program/Digi Keyer with Logikey keyer output. Since the Logikey keyer already keyed my amp and then the amp sequenced the keying in my exciter, I think this will work. News later.

I entered New England QSO Party in 2008 to give points to a friend but this year, along with those same goals,  I will attempt to add some score and actually be a competitor and produce an entry. My first bonafide contest entry in a very long time from my own station. Wish us luck!

Thanks for reading my Blog. Best, Chas W7MAP/5

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