Another in my “Old Days” Series

29 Apr

The last ship I served aboard was USS America CVA-66. She now rests on the bottom in the North Atlantic ocean, a test platform for torpedo practice. Fortunately for me one of my shipmates lives nearby and offered up a picture of our Ham Shack as it was in 1971. I am not in the picture but a couple of chums are; W5CWO, Fred Lusen, a Marine Squadron AIMD Sgt. at the time, and Chief Fred Bacon, a Senior Chief Petty Officer now retired and his call is WA1MRH. Fred (W5CWO) had this official “Naval Picture” stored in his “stuff” and was kind enough to share it with me.

The Ham Station consisted of the ubiquitous Collins S Line with a 30S1 and just off to the left edge you can see part of the ships gear in the form of a WRC-2 which is basically a R-1051 receiver with a second as an exciter and an amp mounted on top. I think it output something like 200 watts USB/LSB etc. Pretty light service for a ships radio but was used mainly in voice service.

This photo brought back some fond memories. Enjoy.

Sgt Lusen (W5CWO) and Chief Bacon (WA1MRH)

Sgt Lusen (W5CWO) and Chief Bacon (WA1MRH)

A lot of great QSO’s were originated in this rustic radio “shack”.

Thanks for reading my Blog. Best, Chas W7MAP/5

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