Live in America? Be afraid. Be Very Afraid!

18 Apr

You see, on Friday the US Environmental Protection Agency declared CO2 a harmful gas. This declaration allows EPA to use the Clean Air Act to regulate power generation facilities. Specifically Coal Fired plants. Unless Congress intervenes this will cost US Taxpayers enormous sums on on an on-going basis.Your cars, your power plants and likely your way of life is under attack.

Anthropogenic Global Warming is DEAD! We have been cooling for a decade but per the usual nonsense, Government is behind the times. I invite you to read this link produced by Senator Inhofe of Oklahoma:

After you take a few minutes to read the above, re read my post on Anthropogenic Global Warming, but  more importantly, read the links in that posting from credible scientists viz Global Warming and then write to your Congressional Reps and Senators. It is a simple process and can be done electronically. Take a few minutes to make a difference. 50% of base load electricity in the US comes from coal. Think about what a Cap and Trade will add to your monthly bill! A simple doubling of a current electric bill is small compared to what this will do. Don’t believe me? The Data is all out on the Internet. Take a few minutes to do the research for yourself. However,do not do nothing-get involved!

Thanks for reading my Blog. Best, Chas W7MAP/5

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