A Really Large Receiving Array

13 Apr

In my previous post I showed the main feature of Naval Comm Station San Diego’s (NPL) Transmitter site-the triatic 600 foot tall towers. These dominated the skyline of course, but Chollas Heights had loads of other HF transmitting antennas. Any number of Discone or Discage or simple verticals were employed. The discones/discages were lower Q antennas and as such were constructed to cover segments of the HF spectrum efficiently. As you may expect, they all had fields of radials employed as these antennas worked against ground. There may have been a couple of towers with Log Arrays present but I cannot recall.

At Imperial Beach the Elephant Cage were employed as receiving arrays. These mostly were large receiving arrays use by security groups to pinpoint where a certain emission in the HF spectrum may be located and often slaved several of these geographically disparate arrays together to get very good fixes on the target signals. Our Comm Center received audio from IB via landline and all of our receivers were located within a blockhouse at the center of the array.

What follows are several pictures of and links to descriptions of the Wullenweber arrays. AKA Elephant Cage/Dinosaur Cage.



Purported Sat View of Guam Wullenweber

Purported Sat View of Guam Wullenweber

I found a few web references to this array that can be found here:

I find myself wondering if it is wise to toss all of your communications eggs into a satellite basket when satellites can be removed from service (I am told) fairly easily. Perhaps I am just mourning the loss of backup and dependence on HF Comms.

Thanks for reading my Blog. Best, Chas W7MAP/5

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