07 Apr

Interesting lessons Mother Nature teaches us each day. Especially with radio. I have been spending more time on 40 M CW of late. I can generally count on hearing JA1NUT quite well at around 1200 Z on any day he is on the band. Shin uses a yagi for his antenna and on any day that we communicate, I am positive his antenna is doing all the heavy lifting. Today Leo, JJ8KGZ and I attempted a QSO. We were successful after a fashion, but it was hard. With my low dipole and his R-8 vertical, nature showed us who was boss! I was running 500 W and Leo was running 100 W. Our opening lasted about 3-4 minutes at 1234 Z. It was good to finally meet Leo live. We have been corresponding on email and via blog notes for some time but it is always nice to make a connection in real time. We will try again I am sure but this is the first and as such a very rewarding effort. Thanks Leo!

Thank you for reading my Blog. Best, Chas W7MAP/5

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Posted by on April 7, 2009 in Radio


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