Anthropogenic Global Warming Is Dead!

05 Apr

Yes, this coming from a Sheeple. A Sheeple is a person that does not think or question what it is told by more knowledgeable authoritative sources like Newspapers and TV. Normally I take things pretty easily.

I have spent some considerable time trying to understand the “Truth of Global Warming”. It didn’t pass the sniff test. Why? Because it was being touted as Consensus. Consensus is a political term not a scientific term. In science there is almost never consensus on all details of most any idea. Someone somewhere disagrees with a portion of what could be called consensus. However, in public discussions we are being told the science is settled. Sorry old paint: not in my lifetime. I lived through the seventies when we were being told mankind was doomed because of Global Cooling and ice ages were just around the corner.

Some sources for your reading pleasure:




These references aside; the most damning data came from reading “Red Hot Lies”, by Chris Horner. These plus the absolute temperature graphs showing Global Cooling over the last ten or more years is pretty convincing. Simply put, the data over the long haul (thousands of years) do not support Anthropogenic Global Warming.

The most difficult portion of understanding this issue was trying to understand the difference between a political organization’s point of view and a valid scientific position. The UN’s IPCC panel is a political organization, not a scientific group. That is to say pure science is often overridden by political concepts. Agendas if you will.

Global warming came about as a way to capitalize on the relationship between Energy Suppliers (Ken Lay and Enron were the first) and the Green Initiative. Natural Gas producers wanted to monetize the reduced carbon footprint of Natural Gas and couple it with the Green initiative to better make money. Enter Cap and Trade.

This issue has the potential to cost all of world wide society trillions of wasted dollars.

I am a Sheeple and I know the truth. The real question is why are we being underserved by those we trust? The Governments and News sources of the world?

The very short answer is we are too busy with the business of living and defer our knowledge and acumen to others. We cannot do that any longer; it is getting very expensive to condone passivity.

Thanks for reading my Blog. Best, Chas W7MAP/5

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