FireFox and Java scripts

01 Apr

For a while now I have been curious and disappointed with FireFox when browsing sites that employ java scripts.  This includes my own site. Until today other things kept me from troubleshooting these issues. Inasmuch as my own site here at WordPress uses java scripts I could not complain too much until I identified the culprits. As sort of background, my own system is a PC clone with a 2 gig Celeron processor and 1 gig of memory. It is a hand-me-down from my sons bedroom after he managed to talk me out of a MacBook for Christmas. What a nice Daddy. The hand-me-down is running Windoze XP Pro.

My ISP has changed in recent days from DSL to Fios and with that came a bunch of questions about throughput.  I have been doing a bunch of benchmarking from Internet Speed Test and others to ascertain if my Fios was giving me what I was paying for….and in the case of my sons Macbook it is. His laptop consistently pulls throughput’s of 20 mb. My windoze box performs a good deal less. On the order of 5 mb. The aforementioned numbers are speed test download speeds.

I really like the FireFox feature set. I also am unwilling to give that up. In an effort to improve my PC performance and also speed up my FireFox browsing I have spent several days doing the following:

  • Removing all unused programs
  • Stripping out all non essential Windoze processes
  • Reducing all TSR tray type programs
  • Searching for a hint about FireFox add ons and extensions which may be a problem
  • Looking for FireFox tweaks
  • Cleaning up my disks and doing any other usual housekeeping

After all of that, I improved my PC performance some – but not enough- and found a tweak that substantially improves FireFox java script site browsing. To take advantage, you need to use FireFox 3.1 beta 3. Then turn on java options to true. You can google for your instructions but it cleaned up my browsing nicely. If you have trouble finding the tweak look for something called trace monkey.

I also added speed tweaks found here:

Other helping items that folks may find useful include:

Changing the appropriate Windoze Processes at this site-

You will have to take care of word wrap in the above of course.

Another kewl find in the course of tuning up my PC was locating a better defragger. I found a small downloadable freebie called AusLogics Disk Defrag. It seems to work pretty well and is a freebie. It is a lot faster than the one included in XP.

There are a bunch more but by this time I am way off topic. I hope this helps someone!

Thanks for reading my Blog. Best, Chas W7MAP/5

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