Millstone Hill Outage

31 Jan

Just a cautionary note. Although the link in my page to Millstone Hill Ionosonde appears to be working again, it is serving only older ionograms presently. In fact if my memory is correct it actually appears stuck on Jan 08 2009. Live feeds are still appearing at the list shown at DIDBase , simply pick your digisonde station and then select year/month/date/hour. Perhaps Millstone will once again serve near live fed ionograms to the web directly so we do not have to go on Alice in Wonderland trips to find the data. If you find yourself clicking on my Millstone link at the right side of my blog then be sure to check the top of the plot to see the displayed time/date/hour stamp which is posted along with the ionogram.

Just listening to 40 Meters again this morning and it sounds robust. I keep 40 running in the background while I attend to internet mail duties. All the usual suspects were present today including a fair sized JA pileup just below 7013 while XE1/N7UA held council above. The usual w3 stations were loud and clear with their high speed morning chats on 7022 and generally I would characterize the band as good today. I wish I had devoted more time to 40 meters while I was younger and radio active.

I have decided that this is going to be the year for adding emergency power of sorts to my station. I would like to be able to run lower power with the ability to run off grid. To that end I think I may look for a K-1 or similar rig and some gel cell batteries with a charge controller and solar cells or perhaps a small wind charger.  It would be impossible to run my IC-7800 off of anything short of a full blown generator like one that could run a full house backup  as in Natural Gas emergency power. That is not in the cards for this home.

I  am aware of the many dependencies we live with each day and they are becoming more prevelent each succeeding month. Power outage actually takes telephone service for many people now because they fail to realize the cordless telephone needs power to reach a central office even though the CO provides its own battery. I wonder just how many people have a telephone that has a wire that plugs into the telephone jack in the wall or keep a portable radio handy with charged batteries. Or, for that matter, candles around the house with matches to light them? No one smokes any longer so matches are becoming extinct. Simple things to make an emergency bearable.

Well the sun has made its appearance yet again so I must busy myself with the days abolition’s. Grand kids’ birthday party this afternoon and trash to tend to. See you all anon.

Thanks for reading. Best, Chas W7MAP/5

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