Ice Day in Dallas

28 Jan

Well it is almost a non event. However, kids are home from school today and the streets are pretty slick with what some are calling black ice-that is ice covering streets that is near impossible to see while driving.

Ham Radio Buffs have other concerns. Building antennas with small gauge wire and/or using fiberglass fish poles has its limitations. My great fear is ice building up on my 40 foot fish pole dipole. Fortunately there was not sufficient build up  to cause a collapse. However, it did bend a bit. Picture included.  I am certainly glad that I placed a large wood dowel into the handles sections of both rods to reinforce them. The dowel rod runs about 4 feet- 2 feet down each dipole half.dsc00982

dsc00983The times in the shots are incorrect as the pix were taken at about 8:45 AM 28 Jan 2009.

Just a side note on Global Warming. The above pictures show the finest way to sequester CO2 in the world. No muss no fuss. Just plant a tree. CO2 is plant food and trees capture and scrub the air of CO2 24X7X 365 days a year. No factories, no subsidies, no room for politicians to make a cut off of tax dollars spent on boondoggle projects. No Cap and Trade goofy markets to deal with. Just plant a tree. If everyone did it we would not be talking of Global Warming. But I don’t know why we still talk about it anyway since Global Temperatures have been dropping since 2000 or thereabouts. Not to put too fine a point on the subject but GW is symptom of too many people. That is the root cause, why not talk about the real issue? Enough about politics.

Thanks for reading my Blog. Best, Chas W7MAP/5

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