Fishing With Friends

21 Jan

Each morning I begin my day quite literally by fishing for my friends. Some are old friends and some are new, however it all begins with fishing. You see my day begins with an antenna made with a pair of 20 foot long fishing poles mounted at about 27 feet up into my trees. You can see a portion of my antenna in the photo at the head of my Blog page. My neighborhood is one which I do not care to intrude with large antenna arrays high in the sky. For years I made do with an old Butternut or an R-7 vertical. These days I am fishing for contacts with a pair of blue fiberglass collapsible crappie poles that I purchased years ago from World Radio magazine. They spent their early life  languishing in my Ham Shack stuck in a corner. These poles are quite light and almost invisible as almost half of my antenna’s extent is positioned into my trees. In an earlier version of this antenna, when I was using 22 gauge blue “teflon” covered wire for the element it was very invisible. Now, however, the antenna is constructed of 10 gauge 105 strand white PVC covered wire which took the efficiency of my antenna from 91% to 99.X% .  It is more visible now and yes, it sags a bit, but it works very well and when fed with my homemade open wire line and a tuner, it works well on all bands from 80 meters upwards.  Overall length of my antenna is 50 feet. It has a five foot section that drops off of each end- I suppose one should call it a “U”. I added the end bits to tame the feedpoint reactive impedance on the lower bands.  This morning my Fishing Pole antenna brought me to Guam as I managed to catch AH2L early at about 1137Z. At that hour I could hear the western Pacific beginning to roll in as is usual in the winter mornings when we are blessed with quiet bands and good propagation. I managed my contact with AH2L with about 150 watts. Conditions were excellent. Family matters took me away from the radio for a time but I could still hear earnest CQ’s and answers from all sorts of far away places while enjoying morning coffee with my wife and son in our parlor.  Strange mates-fishing poles and radio. Yes, Solunar Tables meet Propagation Reports. Baits meet Prefixes. People enjoy meeting people.

Thanks for reading my Blog. Best, Chas W7MAP/5

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Posted by on January 21, 2009 in Radio


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