Shameless Ferrite Sales Post

16 Jan

I apologize in advance for the table formatting. I struggled with it for a long time and it didnt come out correctly. In any event I believe it is readable.

During my war with noise I collected a “lot” of ferrite material. I have more than  need and am going to part with some. I placed an ad on classifieds at eham and then it dawned on my that a post here may serve to deplete my inventory as well. I have essentially 3 mixes of ferrite’s in “Snap-It” form most often seen at Radio Shack or some on line ham shoppes. These include Mix 31, 43, and Mix 44. All the following part numbers and prices are easily identifiable in the on line Fair Rite pdf catalog. I can take a check or PayPal but drop me an email first to confirm details. w7map at arrl dot net.

Mix 31 .5 inch I.D. Snap-It

Part Number                        Quan 1     Quan 3        Quan 5        Quan 10       Quan 20       Quan 25
0431164181 I Dia. .5″                   $2.45        $7.00        $10.50        $17.50        $32.20       $38.50
0443164151 I Dia. .5″                   $2.45        $7.00        $10.50        $17.50        $32.20       $38.50
0443164251 I Dia. .25″                 $1.40        $3.50        $5.60         $10.50        $19.60       $23.10
0443167251 I Dia. .4″                   $2.45        $7.00        $10.50       $17.50        $32.20       $38.50
0444167281 I Dia. .4″                   $1.90        $5.60        $8.40         $14.00        $26.60       $32.90
0444173951 I Dia. .19″                 $0.53        $1.40         $2.10         $3.50         $10.50       $14.00

For those that have not used Snap-It’s before, they are best assembled in conjunction with ty wraps securing the Nylon locking mechanism as the Nylon case can fatigue and that causes loss of impedance. In outdoor applications in which Snap-Its are exposed to sunlight I use two Ty Wraps on each of the larger sized clam shells. I have impedance graphs of these ferrites that I can post here at some point. They include impedance from 1 to 30 Mhz and with one, two or sometimes three turns through the material.

I have a bunch of these in various numbers per mix. The minimum (least quantity) of any individual part number is approximately 300 pieces. I can absorb shipping within conus but overseas shipping would have to be negotiated. Thanks for your interest and for reading my blog.

Best.  Chas, W7MAP/5

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