Early Morning 40 Meter CW

15 Jan

This post will not make much of an impression on you amateurs with big antennas high in the sky. I am, however, pleased as punch to work the stations I manage to work on 40 Meters. I generally get up and make coffee well before sunrise and standard morning routine is to survey the low end of 40. This morning I happened across LA9IAA with some QSB and in my noise so I parked my receiver on him and just listened for a while as I read my morning posts on-line. There were a smattering of US eastern stations getting 449 reports and interspersed Bjorn was working JA stations. The interesting bit about this is that I could hear both parts of the conversation-JA and LA. I called several times but no joy. It was about 1130 zulu. At times Bjorn was Q5 S-3 and others he was Q 2 S-0. However as time went along the JA stations were less sudible and Bjorn picked up a bit. By 1230 Z I had worked him.

I cant help but believe that all my attention to noise reduction is helping my end somewhat. I do not know what antenna Bjorn was using but I would not be surprised if it was a yagi or other gain antenna of some sort and that antenna was doing the heavy lifting on our circuit. However, there was a paucity of callers for most of the opening so that leads me to believe I was hearing as well as anyone.

Just for review my transmitting and receiving antenna is a simple non resonant dipole fed with 500 ohm home brew balanced line which include distributed common mode chokes. Pix are placed elsewhere on this blog.

Thanks for reading. Best, Chas W7MAP/5

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Posted by on January 15, 2009 in Radio


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