160 M through 10 M on a single antenna and a city lot!

23 Dec

And it works well too! I have been chating with this antenna as part of a system used for scheduled Morse practice sessions for about 18 months now. A couple of days ago my friend sent these  along which include snow and ice which set off the wire antenna nicely. Explaining the antenna geometry would likely be impossible to do with simple words and sentences but a picture or two sets it up well.  The antenna is a sloper. It consists of a short fan and a long fan for each side of the dipole. The positions of the short and long fans are reversed upper half to lower half. That is, the short fan is above the long fan on the upper end and short fan below the long fan on the lower half. Over all length is 70 feet MOL and I would have one of these if I had favorable tree locations on my property. Dimensions are modeled and critical. The fact that this works so well and covers 160 M through 10 M is astonishing. The direction of maximum signal strength is along the wire length axis from high end to lower end and is shaped like a cardioid with the null off the the high end of the sloper. In this case towards Texas and Mexico. The antenna is optimized for EU. Chuck describes his antenna in better detail in an article he published for Yankee Clipper Contest Club and can be read at:  (Published here with permission of W1HIS). Thanks Chuck!



Thanks for reading. Best, Chas W7MAP/5

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