Dude! Merry Christmas!

17 Dec

Christmas is a week away and things are a bit behind this year. Thanksgiving was late and well, I am sleeping  through Advent. I am not a religious person by nature or inclination, but I do enjoy the Holidays. Humanity seems to take on a rosy glow-if that is possible.  I get to do a little reminiscing at Holiday time and I thought I would write a Christmas Greeting to some of those that bring a little bit of cheer into my memories of Radio (the hobby) and its practitioners.

So here goes a hearty Merry Christmas out to:

  • To a dear friend that once came home from a trip to the Far East of at least a months duration and had a World Class dose of jet lag, only to find his long delayed KT-34 XA and 55 foot tower delivered and laying on his patio. He promptly cured his jet lag with single malt and fell asleep on the patio hugging his new antenna and tower. Thanks Joe and I hope to again hear your dolcet notes on 40 CW. Thanks for all the memories Old Paint!
  • To my good friend Gary who once braved a trip to Banta California to rescue me during my jogging days following my physical fuel tank showing up empty. I had two choices: walk home or call for help. KF6U came to my rescue that cold Sunday morning and for that I paid dearly for years and years. Being the butt of jokes only added to the color of my face. If I remember correctly, the beer at the Banta Inn was particularly sweet that morning.
  • To George in hopes that you will put the guitar projects aside and once again grace us with your wit and charm. 10 meters has not been the same without you OM.
  • A general Merry Christmas to all my friends that continue to find time and patience by talking with my puny signal. I learn something from each conversation and for that I thank you.
  • And lastly; to my friend Chuck, who for almost two years has patiently, and sometimes repetitively, stretched my thinking and introduced me to new ideas and also for showing up each day to sustain another hour of Morse Practice never ever complaining about my shaky fist. It has been wonderful. I look forward to another year or more of our practice sessions. Thanks!

Christmas is a great time of year and gives us an opportunity to count our good fortune. I’ve certainly had my share of good tidings.

Thanks for reading. Best, Chas W7MAP/5

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One response to “Dude! Merry Christmas!

  1. Gary KF6U

    December 18, 2008 at 6:14 am

    Hey, we had some damn good times at the old Banta Inn. Ya forgot to tell the folks that the place is haunted. Kinda adds to the ambiance of the place. Why didn’t we ever do a field day there? We could have enlisted the help of the resident spooks and worked a few SK’s. I wonder what kind of multiplier we could use for those Q’s. Is it beer-thirty yet? I’m getting mighty thirsty ;-] . Best Holiday Wishes to you and Cindy and the harmonics and their families. de KF6U …. ..


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