Weekend Notes

15 Dec

I wanted to make a couple of observations re: radio and attach a picture or two. First, it was great to hear 10 meters open again this weekend. Saturday was a bit spotty but Sunday was great. I was able to work all sorts of US stations on Sunday with my wire and exciter. Saturday allowed for some brief DX openings with mostly South America and Carribean stations being heard.

There is nothing quite like 40 meters in winter. This morning I was tuning the low end and worked an La and a KH2 stations. The band was amazingly quiet and signals were steady. It is 31 degrees F here today which is pretty cool for Dallas and we should see some freezing rain before a day or so.

This weekend my son was in a Madrigal Feast. Madrigal singers indulge themselves in what I laughingly call Dead Monk Music.It is a fund raiser for his varsity choir and he played the Jester. Here are a couple of snaps provided by my daughter Micky and her available light abilities along with her Digital Rebel. The music was wonderful and of course my wife and I were proud as punch.







For my radio readers please forgive the diversion.  Extended family and friends will enjoy this place to see the show.

Thanks for reading. Best, Chas W7MAP

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