75 Meter Audio with a Short Antenna

06 Dec

I have been collecting some audio clips on 75 Meters because I think it is easier to make aural SNR judgements. This weeks propagation has been kind of iffy but I managed to collect a few samples that should show what a short, low dipole can do on a band it is much too short to operate efficiently on.

The first samples of Vk3IO. These are hard to listen too in that propagation was very poor. I got to the shack late and missed my best props that morning. However just for comparison purposes here is a snippet or two. The second clip seems better than the first but judge for yourselves



This morning (Saturday 12-06-08) I had a little better luck. YS1/HB9KNA was on 75 Meters and I caught a snippet of his audio. Here again I need to get to the shack a bit earlier as he was better while the computer booted than when I recorded his signals. Following this recording he QSY’ed to 40 M and I did not follow.


Those are my very limited results so far. I will try to collect a few more clips to demo low band SNR. I would like to try to capture audio using my Digikeyer codec and actually capture a QSO or 2 as well. One step at a time!

Thanks  for reading. Best, Chas W7MAP/5

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