Return from Neverland

03 Nov

I don’t mind saying this past 60 days of market action scared me to the brink. I guess I chose the wrong time to be a buy and hold investor. This is not over! I suspect we will test lows again before the boatloads of money wend themselves into the system. LIBOR and TED Spreads wil tell us when to come out from under our collective rocks.

In a Ham Radio related note, I found myself wide awake this morning at 0430 local time. I had left my radio on 75 meters from the local DX club gathering on Saturday morning so I flipped on my receiver and listened to some US Hams attempt to work DX stations. I only have a 50 foot dipole so I did not participate but I may in the future. If ever I had doubts about my efforts with noise redux being worth it this morning set those to rest forever. I ended up listening to 3990 ish and was able to hear JA3CZY easily for over an hour. During that hour I listened to many US stations struggle with the JA on their receive side. These stations run large full sized dipoles, Four Squares, Yagis and other exotic (from my city lot perspective) antennas. Now a single data point does not a trend make, so I will do more of this over the winter. However, I am gratified to hear any JA (especially before my sunrise) on 75 meters from Tx with my low and short antenna. Signals were not strong here. He barely moved my meter, but my noise level was not moving my meter either. QSB was long and slow.

Thanks for Reading and Best, Chas W7MAP/5

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Posted by on November 3, 2008 in Radio


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