Smorgasbord of Pet Peeves

09 Oct

Ok Chuck. Play Nice! I have made a concerted effort to remain positive in the face of financial carnage. It isn’t easy. I’m in a foul mood. Reader beware. However, I have tried. On one hand we have Empty Suits making fools of themselves on something called a debate while on the other hand we have all the kings minions fritter away bazillions of dollars on saving the “System” from insolvency. I have below enumerated a bunch of observations I want to get off of my chest. Perhaps writing about them will provide a catharsis of sorts. I hope so.

  • Give it up John. You have lost and rightfully so. Dashing from hither to yon and unable to carry a succinct thought for more than five minutes deserves defeat.
  • We can enforce defacto Term Limits. We do not require legislation to accomplish Term Limits. I will simply vote for all non incumbents. Where an incumbent is running unopposed I will leave that slot blank. If no choice is a good choice (as in our Presidential Race) I will leave the choice blank. I do not expect anyone will follow this lead but I can silently protest the present stupidity of the Two Party System and know that I am being proactive in the process.
  • All those dollars you see getting printed will turn up as inflation. With 70 Trillion (new number) of obligations in a 14 Trillion Dollar GDP the only way to pay all of those bills is print money. Printing money makes inflation. Buy Gold or Silver. Hard assets protect you from inflation because Mother Nature isn’t minting more gold or silver last I looked. By the way, most gold mines these days move and process about a ton of dirt to get 3 ounces of gold so with energy getting higher and higher, costs will soar and so will the prices. Hard assets have the disadvantage of being a lump and not earning more (cheaper) dollars but at least it appreciates some. Get ready for five dollar loaves of bread and 25 dollar steaks.
  • On TV distribution systems: I am sick to death of paying someone (Direct TV in my case) to deliver to my home 21 minutes of commercial advertising for each hour of program length. How dumb am I? The level of commercials is bombarding me into submission. Ok guys, you have abused your privilege to enter my home. I am returning to books. I refuse to play your game any longer.

That felt good! Thanks for letting me get those off of my chest. Check back often as I am thinking this post will be edited to include more as I think of them.

Thanks for reading. Best, Chas W7MAP/5

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One response to “Smorgasbord of Pet Peeves

  1. Whitney

    December 5, 2008 at 12:13 am

    I would have to agree with all statements listed above – sorry it took your daughter so long to see this post – I really enjoyed it! 🙂 Gripe more, it comes across rather amusing and truthful 🙂

    I love you Pop,


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