Tap, Tap, Taping at Natures Door…

16 Sep

I picked up an old paper back book off of my shelf this week. It is one of John Grave’s anthologies of life in Texas. I have several of Mr. Grave’s books and have not read any of them since 1995 or so. To be truthful, I had forgotten how much I enjoyed his writing. In this anthology he writes about his first dog; Blue. Have you ever noticed how a great writer can make his dog or home or whatever the subject of his or her tome is seem much more interesting than your dog or home or whatever? It must be magic.

I began to think of themes for all of my dogs. I did a quick inventory of all of our dogs over the years and quickly came to the realization that none of them were the slightest bit interesting or worth writing about. At least by me. Yes, it is true. They all had personalities and quirks and foibles. However I could not think of a single incident which would inspire a story-short or otherwise. That is when I started to find my way back.

My dogs may not be interesting but my life is a series of wonderful happenstances. All of our lives are. Take for instance this morning. Sometime on the last few days, somewhere in Greece, a person took a picture of the original Olympic Stadium. The camera worked. Then after a day of sightseeing they returned to the ship from whence they came and loaded the picture files into the laptop computer. The computer and the camera worked. Then, this morning I turned my computer on and checked my mail. Firstly, my computer, power, communications connection and my mail server worked! So, while I sat here in my comfortable home in Texas reading my stock news, someone in the waters off of Greece sent an email to a satellite in space, which connected to a mail server in Boston which received my mail and forwarded it to me here in Texas. And it all worked!

Later, I turned on a radio and a keyer and listened to someone in Japan talk to someone in Arizona. I also talked to someone in Japan. I tapped my key which keyed my keyer and modulated my transmitter which emitted energy on a certain frequency which propagated its way to Japan via a gift of Nature called the ionosphere. And we had a conversation. And it all worked!

My life is a series of many things all working in concert. Life can be a symphony of small things that work so well we never even give them a second thought. Focusing each day on what works, transparently and in so many ways, is a healthy exorcise I think. I started this morning Tap, Tap, Tapping on Natures Door. isn’t it wonderful? It worked!

Thanks for reading, Chas W7MAP/5

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