Some Comments and a Note On My Sun Dancers.

30 Aug

It’s been a while since I posted here. It is now over 45 days since a spot has appeared on the face of our sun. These are truly the Dog Days of Summer! Clearly wringing all the sweat out of my platoons of Sun Spot dancers has not worked, but I see that Flavius, Barnaby’s cousin from Italy has arrived for a visit and so I will catch up with Anole goings on sometime this week. I have completed a series of noise measures covering 20 days or more following my feedline changes. Statistically, my noise level has increased since replacing my uniformly distributed 5 choke (3600 ohm) configuration with a 4 choke (2700 ohm) configuration. That certainly stands to reason from a maths perspective. The trade off is one of easier tuning (less peaky) vs. lower noise. Currently I am configured for easier tuning. I will have to decide in time if one outweighs the other. In any event I am significantly better off noise wise than when I began about 2 years ago now.

This week saw my partner and I complete 5 one hour code practice sessions with only one QSY from 20 M to 30 M. On one day the sun blew a hole in the ionosphere between us someplace since Millstone Ionogram showed perfect path conditions at Lowell Observatory in Ma. Suddenly the band was gone. We went to 30 M and carried on.

CW is a mysterious mistress. We practice for one hour daily and our error rates are all over the map. Some days I get a solid half hour with minimal mistakes and on other days I cannot send to save my soul. It must come from some combination of degree of fatigue and how well I am concentrating that day. It does seem a trend that I get worse as we go longer in our hour regardless of time of day or degree of fatigue. Maybe I am not cut out for being a Morse Op. I know that I do better if we do morning QSO’s than I do in evening QSO’s. We both know each others sentence structure and syntax so well I believe we can fill in gaps in each others sentences crippled by QSB as if we had copied it live.

I took a tremendous amount of heat from my wife following my escapade with Barnaby and the Bogen amplifier. I hope cousin Flavius has some ideas since sympathetic vibration and Bogan amps did nothing so far. Sympathetic vibration is the reason why corps of soldiers march with confused steps instead of in lock step when marching across bridges. Sympathetic vibration caused by marching soldiers would bring down the bridge. I know it cracked the gunite in my pool as well as making very large waves.

I hope you all can stand a little humor since there are no spots lighting up our bands at the moment.

Thanks for reading. Best, Chas W7MAP/5

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