Team Contesting. Is It Time?

25 Aug

Barring a trip to Boston this November for CQWW CW, I will at a minimum attempt to organize a Team Wires for CQWW CW. This is a category that seems appropriate for our times. Costs for travel are soaring, age is catching  up with a lot of us and family commitments are strong motivators to stay at home and minimize ones away time. However, being part of something is a strong motivator. Allowing five disparate individuals to aggregate their scores from home, without sacrificing club contributions, is a powerful tool. I personally contribute a better effort if I am responsible to a group, have a defined goal and  lever enthusiasm to a groups efforts. Its just more fun from my perspective. I do not know why this has not taken off more…it certainly fits the lone operator in Timbuktu, or the lone contest op with no local clubs. It also provides a small but intimate forum to bounce ideas and get suggestions.

So, if anyone knows of some operators that may be interested in doing a single op effort for CQWW CW from an all wire antenna station in any part of the world, have them drop me a note at w7mapatarrldotnet.

Thanks for reading. Best, Chas W7MAP/5

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