Barnaby Anole

28 Jul

I have previously written about resurrecting the Palos Verdes Sun Dancers. The Sun Dancers were a creation of Hugh Cassidy in his West Coast DX Bulletin and brought to life mostly in the 1970’s and 80’s in that august publication. The Sun Dancers appeared at the beginning of every sun spot cycle for perhaps three cycles and it is a tragedy to see them gone from the forefront of sun spot conjuring. It seems that the Palos Verdes Sun Dancers left the scene sometime in the early stages of Cycle 23 and little has been heard from them since. It has been left to the ingenious to attempt to conger more sunspots for Cycle 24. Judging from current sun spot numbers, little success has been accomplished and it would appear, none is in the offing.

American folklore is full of tales of early American settlers working strange rituals to entice crops and game to be bountiful and rich. Farmers sometimes encouraged their wives and daughters to dance in the light of a full moon out amongst the plowed rows of corn and cotton to insure a full harvest. Likewise, hunters oft turned to campfire rituals, often under a hunters or harvest moon, in an attempt to wrest game from hidden and difficult to tramp hillocks. The illusion written here is incomplete and for obvious family reasons, I would advise an interested reader to pursue their interest in such matters elsewhere.

After contemplating this state of sun spot affairs I decided to see if another means could be devised to conjure a new crop of sunspots. At some point this summer I became increasingly frustrated with my futile attempts at point to point daily communication that I believed, and still do believe, an increase in sunspots is our only salvation.

Enter Barnaby Anole. Barnaby is a Texas Anole. He is my breed stock alpha male. An example of an overused symbol of a certain insurance company to be sure, but still a sun-loving aficionado and living candidate to replace the now defunct Palos Verdes Sun Dancers. Given good food, sufficient water and mother natures proclivity to multiply, Baranby could gain in mass and numbers in time to save Cycle 24. As I have written in recent posts, I rescheduled my watering, fed my yard store bought crickets and have been waiting for Mom Nature to provide us with some critical mass of sun dancing livestock. This preamble brings us to the “Current State” of dancing animals. I reported earlier a dust devil sighting during the week of July 18th 2008. At that time I spotted a smallish dust devil containing a small number of dancing Anoles moving in concert to the unlikely tunes of Nancy Sinatra singing none other than “These Boots Are Made For Walking” circa 1963. After studying the results in increased sun spot numbers I would have hoped for a Anole rendition of something from Simon and Garfunkle’s catalog or at the very minimum a Beetle song or two. Nancy could not conjure any spots and I am certain that she has no idea for what her song is being used.

Presently, we are suffering through a very warm spell here in Texas. Upward of 105 degrees F today. These warm temperatures have a tendency to put even stalwart Anoles down for afternoon siestas. Can you imagine my delight and surprise when yesterday afternoon, while swimming in this terrible heat wave, I peeped over the edge of my pool to see and hear some Anole action in the cooling zyphers of our afternoon twilight? Late in the afternoons setting sun I glimpsed a veritable herd of diminutive Anoles, led by Baraby, in a circle dance reminiscent of a square dance. Since we are unlikely to be having a barn raising anywhere close by, I could only view this as progress toward our eventual goal of conjuring sun spots. However, somewhere along the line the Texas sun has worked some terrible magic on Barnaby. It seems musically at least, he has gone astray. The music is no longer rock and roll but some new form of country and western. Gasp! It must have come up from the dirt itself. At least the Anoles are still working their magic and even though several old cycle spots appeared briefly last week, they were spots non-the-less. Perhaps Barnaby can work up some more spots again next month. At this point I will take either old or new…just bring em on!

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