Gecko Sun Prancer Update

11 Jul

Things are looking up. Yesterday afternoon I went to the local pet shoppe and purchased a half pound of live crickets. These are intended for lizard chow in pet homes. Intention not withstanding, I brought them home and set them loose in my yard. Apparently this act was good in the extreme. Last evening I had a great 20 M QSO with my Morse chum and again this AM on 30M we connected. Perhaps looking after Sun Dancing Geckos has merit after all. It is far too soon to see improvement in actual Sun Spots but my dancing geckos have provided us with favorable Solar Flux and thusly have been rewarded with favorable conditions.

In light of the aforementioned observations I have reset my sprinkler system to activate daily in my back yard and I will continue to provide live lizard chow to my crop of locally produced Sun Dancing Geckos. This combination of increased moisture and ample live food should induce amorous Gecko Activity and before long I should be the proud parent of several thousand dancing lizards all marching to the beat of suitable tunes provided by a transistor radio. Perhaps Leadbelly or Kate Smith for a return to the Cycle of Sun Spots which occurred around the early fifties? That would be very nice!

I have no idea of the gestation period of the Norteamericano Gecko. Hopefully, if conditions remain favorable, it wont be long now. we need more Geckos to accomplish this task. Late yesterday I was hoping for a thunderous stampede of marching Geckos and all I could see was a faint dust devil at sundown. That dust devil and a very light symphony at sunset which sounded strangely like Nancy Sinatra singing “These Boots are made for walking” off in the distance was the only telltale of any activity at all. It was enough for yesterday but we need more for the future. Time and mating habits should prevail.

Best, Chas W7MAP/5

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