Enough is Enough!

10 Jul

Ok! I’ve had it. In an effort to keep things going with CW practice we have been getting up at “Oh Dark Thirty” AM and connecting on 30 meters. Today even 30 M let us down. After hearing a JA on 10115 at 1030 Z I expectantly waited for our sked to commence at 1100 Zulu. No Joy! I mean what does a fella have to do?

It has not been noted previously, but the Palos Verdes Sundancers are kaput. They took early retirement in the beginning of Cycle 23 and nothing has been heard from them since. This is tragic and perhaps one reason why Cycle 24 has not begun. At the behest of my Morse chum I am eliciting the assistance of my friends, the Backyard Gecko Sun Prancers. Admittedly they are lightweights compared to the energy produced by the P.V. Sundancers, however, given a significant supply of neighborhood insects coupled with timing- Gecko Mating Season in Texas- perhaps sufficient mass of marching Geckos can be mustered for a renewal of Cycle 24. I’ve cleared a spot under our Hackberry Tree to accommodate the Prancers. Pray for a good crop of Gecko Prey and sufficient rain to induce Gecko Flights of Fancy. Perhaps we will get lucky and sun spots will appear. Or perhaps another Maunder Minimum is in progress? If this fails I suppose I could supply GEICO with new, more intelligent critters.

Best, Chas

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