Best Laid Plans etc…

30 Apr

I have been away a while. It has been a busy month. I have been busy making preparations for constructing my new balanced feedline and choke arrangement. The feedline will be constructed of one eighth inch Phosphor Bronze wire rope. The insulators are made from fiberglass dowel rod through drilled and notched. I am planning the feedline to include 5 each 2 KW capable common mode chokes spaced at 6 foot intervals.

While all of that was going on we suffered a windstorm and one of my fish poles shattered. I assume full responsibility for this happening. I was going to insert a spar varnished wood dowel through the hollow fishpole handles such that the U Bolt mountings would not crack or stress my fiberglass poles. However, I took a shortcut and didn’t insert the dowel and as a consequence my fiberglass pole broke at the handle. The good news is we repaired the antenna and took the actions required so that this should not happen again.

All of this feedline work is required due to my wanting to place a small desktop linear into service here. My current chokes are good for the 200 watt level but not a KW. Initial Chokes will be packaged and look something like this photo. Keep in mind it is not complete yet.

KW Common Mode Choke

While all of that was going on I decided to sell some ferrites at the HamCom flea market which is a whole other story. Suffice to say it has been an adventure.

In concert with my flea market and feedline projects I have been learning about vector impedance measures and how to keep out of trouble while getting good measurement results. Most, if not all of this would have been impossible without the help of a good friend and mentor who remains nameless in deference to privacy. My impedance tool is called AIM4170. It is marketed by Array Solutions and designed by W5BIG. I purchased this after a lifetime of working as a technician in the RF field and it has helped me learn an awful lot about RF that I had no inkling of prior to my fumbling around.

Well enough for now. Gotta get back to my projects

Best, W7MAP/5

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